Suzie Remilien

Looking for financing to buy a home? Check in with Suzie
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‘I moved to Louisiana two months before the pandemic. I was renting this great apartment in what looked like a castle. Then I moved to another apartment the following year to be closer to my job. I knew I didn’t want to keep renting, but I didn’t think I could buy a house. After expressing my concerns to Suzie, she suggested that she run some numbers. I had filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, so I was not overly optimistic. I started working with Suzie six months before putting in an application and with her assistance I was able to get into better financial shape to qualify. Home buying is stressful enough, but Suzie eased the process by being accessible, listening to my concerns and answering my questions. I closed on my first house in December 2021 and have now been in my new three-bedroom house for a year. I would most definitely recommend working with Suzie.

Suzie was wonderful to work with, and I would enthusiastically recommend her as a loan officer. She handled any hiccups professionally, communicated often and on a timely basis, and ensured that I got my loan on a timely basis. Whenever I had a question, Suzie handled it with professionalism and patience. If I ever bought another house, I would turn to Suzie without hesitation!
Lourdes V